6 ways to increase your Twitter engagement

24Apr, 2017

We’re often asked by clients how to improve their Twitter engagement, so in this blog we wanted to offer our 6 tips to answer their question…

1.       Images can say a thousand words…

More than 500 million tweets are sent every single day. In amongst all those tweets will be your content. So how do you make it stand out? Use images. After all, they don’t cost you any characters!

They help to draw the eye of a Twitter user and if you don’t believe us, believe Hubspot. After analysing over 4.8 million tweets they found that using images increased the likelihood of a retweet by 94 percent!

We’ve found at Effective that simple graphics really help to boost engagement. That’s because they can instantly tell the story of your tweet to someone quickly browsing on Twitter.

2.       Add relevant @mentions and #hashtags to boost visibility

If you’re going to mention an event, a place or client, check to see if they’re on Twitter. If they are, include their @username in your tweet and they’ll be notified that you’re talking about them.

More often than not they’ll give you a retweet and a ‘favourite’. Guess who one of our retweets for the above post was from? (hint: @TheWallich)

3.       #Say #no #to #spam

Don’t be that business that uses too many hashtags in your tweets.  Hashtags can work wonders if you want to join in on a trending conversation or highlight a key word in your tweet; just don’t use too many!

Your followers will think “this account is spammy, I’m unfollowing.” People really don’t engage with tweets that look like spam, you’ll just lose followers!

4.       Stop Following The Wrong Crowd

People get too obsessed with the number of followers they have. Don’t get us wrong, you want to build a good following on Twitter to maximise engagement, but don’t get into the habit of following the wrong audience just so they follow you back! Building up your followers list with a bunch of accounts that aren’t actually interested in your content is one sure way to minimise your Twitter engagement.

Think about who you want to engage with, do a bit of audience research, and start networking. Over time, and possibly with a small budget, you’ll see the rewards.

Don’t get into the reciprocal follow back approach unless the account is right for you. It won’t do your engagement any favours.

And, if you want to stop following all of those accounts, who follow you back but don’t really engage with you anyway, there are social tools out there that can help you find them and unfollow.

5.       Timing is key

Tweets have a small shelf-life, your tweet might only have a shelf-life of 10 minutes. That makes timing important.

So how do you find out when the best time to tweet is?

The best way is to use social media tools that will analyse your followers for a ‘best time to post’.

If you use a social media content manager like Hootsuite or Buffer they can also post your content at the optimum times to increase your engagement.

Give those tools a try, find your best times to tweet and see what results you get.

6.       Keep testing!

You’ve had some great tweets and probably some not so great tweets, it happens!

Use analytics.twitter.com to find out exactly what’s worked and when! See what tweets were more engaging than others, and use similar traits in your next post!

By learning over time what content your followers really like you can really improve your long-term engagement rate. The best brands on Twitter know exactly what their followers like and they keep creating content they know their audience will appreciate.


So there you have it, 6 ways you can improve your engagement rate on Twitter. If you enjoyed it, why not give it a share? We’d appreciate it!

And, if you’re business is struggling to get better social media engagement and leads, get in touch with us. We love helping businesses be more Effective with their social media.

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