Acorn Recruitment: Leading the way in Recruitment


As one of the UK’s leading recruitment agencies, Acorn was keen to develop a PR strategy with Effective Communication that was in line with their wider business goals. There are many facets to Acorn’s business and they felt that these should be reflected in an ongoing, targeted PR campaign that acknowledges Acorn’s role as one of the most successful businesses in Wales, a leader in the field of recruitment, and a respected training organisation.

In order to ensure that these specific goals were met, a comprehensive set of KPIs was put in place to measure the success of the ongoing PR campaign – these encompass reach of coverage, the 10 industry sectors Acorn operates in, and the type of coverage that a business of this size and complexity needs to generate.


  • Raise the profile of the company among Welsh consumers – both with businesses looking to recruit and those looking for jobs
  • Position key Acorn staff as industry leaders, specifically in business, senior recruitment, IT and training
  • Launch Acorn’s new Senior Recruitment Division
  • Make Acorn synonymous with the success of the digital sector in Wales
  • Identify a comprehensive and accessible method of measuring coverage to achieve pre-agreed KPIs


  • Identify proactive and reactive media opportunities for commentary on a wide range of subjects and use those to push Acorn’s specific agenda
  • Establish regular columns for key Acorn staff ensuring that they are perceived as the voice of the recruitment industry in Wales, effectively reinforcing their authority
  • Build up interest in the new Senior Appointment Division before the division’s launch
  • Liaise with offices UK-wide to identify regional stories and opportunities
  • Build Acorn’s IT and digital expertise into as many pieces as possible
  • Use dashboards as a tool for ensuring that the coverage is balanced on target


Thanks to our PR dashboards, which are constantly evolving, we are able to effectively evaluate results from any given period of time. While they are an ongoing measurement tool, our dashboards show that:

  • All sectors are on target to achieve the desired PR splits
  • Opportunities to see across print and online platforms, average over 2.5million per month
  • To date, national and international coverage accounts 4 percent of the coverage
  • Coverage is balanced over 10 sectors including; healthcare, driving, rail, construction, IT and training – with a positive slant towards the key sectors
  • The type of coverage is split between appointments, commentary, community and company news
  • There has been an improvement in the spread of coverage since the dashboards were implemented, highlighting their value in enabling us to react positively to what the dashboards demonstrate


Dan Langford, group marketing & communications director, Acorn: “In 2010 when the recession hit, our business was in a very vulnerable position and I had to take a difficult decision as to how to spend our reduced marketing budget. As a result, I cut back on all marketing and advertising, instead increasing our PR spend – we haven’t looked back.

“Working with Effective is a genuine pleasure – always timely, responsive, friendly and energetic. As such, the relationship feels effortless and rewarding, and they accommodate the ways we work without fuss or compromise. Their press releases are always spot on, ensuring that our messages are delivered accurately and received well by the media. The team at Effective provides a first-class service, generating tremendous value for our business, month after month.”