Christmas ads 2018 round-up

28Nov, 2018

It’s beginning to look like… that time of year again! Christmas adverts have become a key part of our much-anticipated holiday celebrations.
According to the Advertising Association, spending on advertising has risen to 50% over the past eight years. Christmas adverts help maximising brand awareness and ultimately get us into the joyous Christmas spirit. So, let’s begin to unwrap this year’s Christmas ads and see what they have to offer.

John Lewis

John Lewis’ heartfelt tribute of Elton John, titled The Boy with the Piano, hit all the right notes. With a tagline of “some gifts are more than just a gift”, viewers are taken on a journey through different stages of Elton John’s life and career. Each scene features the vocalist with a piano, and eventually ends with four-year old Elton playing his first note on his newly gifted piano. What’s not to love?

Marks & Spencer

I’m a Celeb host Holly Willoughby stars in this year’s M&S Christmas advert for clothing and home. It celebrates the “must-have family moments” inspired by scenes from Bridget Jones’ Diary, whilst also featuring a cameo from David Ghandy. Set with Tom Jones’ feel-good song ‘Give A Little Love’ intertwined with a panto-style Fairy Godmother, this advert is bound to get you into the Christmas spirit.


Sainsbury’s 2018 advert is directed by The Greatest Showman director Michael Gracey. The ad follows a story of a young girl dressed as a star who is nervous to perform on stage. As her confidence builds up, she stuns the audience with a spectacular rendition of “You Get What You Give”. It features over 60 children from the UK playing a host of nativity characters- including a drummer dressed as a turkey and some dancing baubles! And who can’t appreciate the child dressed as a plug turning on all the festive lights? The underlying message of this advert, never knowing how far a little self-belief can take you, is spectacularly emotional and heart-warming.


Argos’ Christmas advert features a fool who is looking to ruin families’ Christmas preparations whatever way it can. The campaign promotes Argos’ Fast Track home delivery and Click & Collect Service. Argos ultimately saves Christmas in this advert with the message that ‘Argos is there for everyone’s shopping needs, helping to fool-proof Christmas’


In Asda’s 2018 Christmas advert, titled Bring Christmas Home, features a hilarious theme of dancing skiers, Santas on motorbikes, cowboys riding Christmas trees… as well as some stunt driving Yetis! The narrative follows with this fun entourage delivering presents to make Christmas a special day for an excitable girl for the most wonderful time of the year.

Final thoughts…

We’ve not been disappointed by the Christmas adverts of 2018. Retailers have been able to carefully craft and master these fun-filled, emotional and heart-warming ads over the years. They have ultimately been able to reach out to their customers and viewers as being a staple part of building everyone’s festive spirits.

Now which one’s your favourite? At Effective, the team has chosen…Sainsbury’s children’s play definitely melted our hearts.

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