Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing goes hand in hand with PR – but what exactly is it?

It’s all about creating and sharing valuable content with customers and followers to improve brand awareness and drive customer action.

Think of it as an ongoing marketing process where your business looks to deliver information that’s informative and helpful, rather than throwing around the sales pitch, to build better relationships and improve brand perception.

Content marketing can be a great way to support your PR goals, ensuring your stories and messages get shared in a number of different ways, through a number of different channels for maximum impact.

At EFFECTIVE we can develop a content marketing strategy that aligns perfectly with your overall marketing goals to deliver the results you want.

With a little bit of creativity we can create all sorts of great content from engaging blogs, beautiful graphics and videos, competition giveaways, and more to support your PR campaigns and drive brand engagement.

And, using clever tools we know how to deliver the right messages across the right online and offline channels.

As with all of our PR and marketing efforts, everything is measurable with our content marketing efforts. We can track who’s engaging with the content being sharing and on what channels, and we can use this data to tweak and tailor our approach to deliver better results for you.

So, if you need a hand getting your messages seen and heard leave it to the EFFECTIVE team to sort.

Content Marketing FAQs

Content marketing involves the creation and distribution of materials (case studies, infographics, videos, blogs, etc.) which are of worth to a brand’s target audience. These materials do not explicitly promote a brand but are instead intended to help inform, engage and entertain the recipient, to stimulate interest in the brand’s products or services and ultimately drive a profitable action from the customer.

A content strategy concerns the planning, creation and distribution of a brand’s content over time, to ensure that sufficient content is produced to maintain a consistent level of engagement with the target audience. A content strategy also covers the governance of published materials to ensure it is well structured and can be easily found.

A content audit is a process of reviewing, cataloguing and analysing the performance of all of a brand’s content to determine strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

Content marketing and PR are complementary areas, and there is a degree of overlap between the two disciplines.


Content marketing materials are typically – but do not have to be –  hosted on owned channels such as a brand’s website, blog or social channels. Materials can also be placed on compatible blogs and sites to amplify reach.


Public relations refers to building stories with a newsworthy edge and submitting them to the media.

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