Staying productive with Euro 2016 fever

03Jun, 2016

In case you’ve travelled from another planet or continent, Wales will be playing in a major football tournament for the first time in 58 years. The boys have qualified for Euro 2016, and will kickstart their campaign against Slovakia on June 11.

Quite rightly the Welsh public are set to be braced with Euro 2016 fever, but for small Welsh businesses, how can they stay on top of the marketing as employees take time off to enjoy the game?

Well, we’ve had a little think and come up with this list of ideas to help your small business stay on top of the marketing duties while the tournament takes place.


This idea is the easiest to implement: using Hootsuite or Buffer, make sure you’ve got social media content scheduled to go out while Euro 2016 is going on. If the person running your social media channels is taking the week off to watch the tournament, scheduling content will ensure you’re still engaging with your audience despite being in the beer garden or at home on the sofa!

If you’re one of those great bosses who lets everyone leave early to watch the games, make sure you’ve got your social media apps installed on mobile devices so anyone who gets in touch will still get a response. And for extra marketing opportunities, don’t forget to try and join in on the social conversation when you can. Wish the boys luck ahead of time, and share some pictures of your employees in their kits.

The same goes for emails. If you’re planning to send out any newsletters during the tournament, get them finished now and schedule them to go out. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing all of your external communications have been taken care of before a ball is even kicked!


If you’re running a small business by yourself or you’ve got a small team and you’re planning on watching the Wales (or England) matches, make sure you let your customers know you might be away or slow to respond in advance.

Send out an email to your customers explaining that you might be a little hard to reach, or that your store might be closing early, and give them an emergency contact detail. Keeping your customers in the loop is a great way to stay connected with them.

Keep your work mobiles close too in order to ensure your customers or clients don’t feel abandoned. Euro fever won’t reach everyone and other businesses will carry on as normal, so ensuring you and your employees can be reached will keep operations smooth now and in the future.


No, we’re not saying you should invite all of your customers down the pub with you, but there’s no harm in showing your team spirit by announcing your plans to sit back and support your team.

Create a hashtag and tweet it out, or encourage your customers to share their own pictures expressing the extent of their football fever. You’ll be building links with the public and doing your bit to help foster national pride, all the while maintaining a strong marketing and brand presence. You may even generate new leads as a result!


Overall, there is plenty you can do to stay on top of the demands of your business and its marketing commitments whilst also taking the time to enjoy the fact that your team made it to the Euro 2016 championships.

Simply keep your customers and clients in the know, manage your content ahead of time and make sure someone can be reached in a crisis, and then you and your team can kick back, relax and enjoy the game.
And if we reach the finals… Well, there’s always the Out of Office option for your emails!

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