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Digital Marketing, News & Trends, Social Media - 1 February 2023

Instagram trends for 2023: What’s going to be big on Instagram this year?

According to the latest edition of Instagram’s Trend Report, its Gen Z contributors will mostly be recycling and reconditioning clothing, expressing themselves with experimental make-up, sharing gastronomy guides and foodie photos, while trying to earn a buck along the way.

Here are just some of the trends to look out for this year:

    • More accurate avatars – 67% of Gen Z Instagram users feel digital avatars should be more diverse and reflective of society including body types and skin tones.
    • Making money – A popular desire among the teen users of Instagram was to monetize their hobbies, including their use of social media. While posting on Instagram is still primarily done as a fun form of expression and communication, there will be more trying to use their profiles and followers to earn an income.
    • Not all about Insta – Many younger Instagram users included in the survey want to see their favourite contributors expand their profile into other forms of media including podcasts and videos.
    • Face-to-face – In the virtual world of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, it can feel like the younger generation are consumed by their phones; only communicating with each other via written comments, videos or likes. However, encouragingly, the Instagram Trends report found that many Gen Z users look forward to in person events, and rather than hiding behind their phone or keyboard, people want ‘real life’ experiences.
    • Eco-friendly fashion – Sustainability is top of many Instagram users’ priorities this year. People are turning their backs on buying new and conforming to the fast fashion trends we’ve seen in the past, and instead showcasing a ‘make-do-and-mend’ attitude or buying second hand (or third hand or fourth hand!)
    • Going bold – Instagram users say their make up and beauty products allow them to express themselves and intend on experimenting with their cosmetics this year. So, expect some rather radical looks throughout 2023.
    • Snack snaps – It seems people still love a photo of food. Whether it’s a meal in a favourite restaurant or a new dish people have tried at home, followers still appreciate seeing what others are devouring and are inspired to try food from other cultures.
    • Macro music – Instagram isn’t just about sharing photos, users are sharing music and embracing tunes from around the world. Expect more alternate tunes in the times ahead.

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