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News & Trends - 1 July 2020

Take the time to listen

Listening, while a simple concept to understand, is often not an easy action to carry out.  

We are often distracted by our mental “open-apps, always thinking aheadmoving onto the next thought before we’ve finished the current conversation.  

But, if we take the time to listen and add in some additional research, we usually learn something valuable Take buying a car. You may have a make in mind but what about the model? What about the engine size? Diesel or petrol? What about the latest Auto Trader review?   Whatever your list of considerationsbefore you place a deposit, you want to be well-informed 

It has never been more appropriate to take this time and simply “listen”. 

As we ease ourselves out of lockdown, you may be considering what changes have taken place in your marketplace – have your clients’ needs changed? What “noises” are your competitors making? What is posing an opportunity or threat for your organisation?  

Knowledge really is power and there are ways you can listen and monitor the media and social media to help shape your communication or influence operational decisions 

Effective Listening and Monitoring 

Instead of relying on search engine alerts to deliver us news we invest in high-tech monitoring software that guarantees to captures more accurate information.  

With some direction, we can monitor specific “buzz” words or terms relating to: 

  • trends 
  • the competition (even individuals!) 
  • hashtags  
  • business mentions (useful for potential acquisitions) 
  • sectors 
  • products or services 

This information can be used to help shape a campaign, business objective, or map out a wider communication plan.  

Like buying a car, be well-informed before you make a commitment. Sounds interesting? Contact Rhys on 07535 020190 or email RGregory@effcom.co.uk 

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