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Academy, Digital Marketing, News & Trends, Social Media - 31 August 2023

Top tips for training and recruitment videos 

Between 2020 and now, the landscape of recruitment has shifted dramatically. Many factors contributed to this evolution, but the pandemic played a huge part. Now, 65% of people want a job that gives them a sense of purpose, fulfilment, progression, and a work-life balance that suits them rather than the company.  

For companies wanting to enrol new personnel, recruitment videos and highly informative training videos are the perfect way to stand out and reach the candidates you are trying to target. 

Here are some of our top tips for training and recruitment videos:  

Define objectives  

Before the record button is even pressed, it’s good practice to clearly define what the aims and objective of the video are. Are you aiming to show your work culture and what you can offer employees? Or are you trying to showcase existing employee testimonials or new training methods? Asking these types of questions and defining your objectives will guide the content and structure of the video you want to create.  

Know your audience 

Tailoring the video to your target audience will greatly increase the chance to resonate with viewers. For recruitment videos, think about what kind of candidates you want to attract and what they value in an employer. For training videos, consider the skill level and background of the learners and if the training is accessible and correct for that workforce. 

Be concise  

Beating around the bush is never a good idea, especially with modern viewing habits. Attention spans are short, and because of this, your recruitment videos should be too. Between two to three minutes is the ideal length of time to get all your key messages across. 

Training videos are longer by nature and the length will depend on the complexity of the subject. To enhance the viewing experience you can segment the video into smaller chapters, breaking up the video and keeping attention on the subject. 

Tell a story 

Storytelling is a tool that you can effectively apply to your videos as it not only captures people’s attention but also their imagination. A compelling narrative resonates with the audience.  

With recruitment videos, demonstrating human connection, successes, emotions, and experiences will help to weave a story where the audience can see themselves working for you. For training videos, present real-life scenarios to make the content relatable and engaging. In both types of videos, you can use authentic testimonials from employees or learners to add credibility to your message. 

Add visual appeal 

Use eye-catching visuals, graphics and animations to enhance the video’s appeal and maintain the audience’s interest. Visual aids can be particularly helpful in training videos to illustrate complex concepts.  

Refine your script 

An engaging script accompanying the visuals is a must. If people aren’t listening to what you say, then the video will fail in its objective. To avoid this, write a script that is conversational, easy to understand and aligns with your brand. At the end of the script, make sure to add a call to action that directs viewers to the next steps: applying for a job, subscribing to a newsletter or starting a training course. 

Be accessible  

Ensure that your video content is accessible to everyone by including subtitles and providing transcripts. Transcripts are particularly useful for training videos, allowing learners to review the content at their own pace. 

Repeat and improve 

Don’t be afraid to repeat the process and improve your videos based on feedback and data. Continuously refine your content to make it more effective and relevant. 


Remember, the ultimate goal is to create engaging and informative videos that showcase your company’s culture and training opportunities in a positive way that resonates with your audience. Done correctly, your recruitment videos could help the 65% of the population find the role they’ve been searching for. 

Need help creating a compelling recruitment video or helpful training video? Get in touch with our team today. 

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