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Digital Marketing, News & Trends, Public Relations, Social Media - 1 November 2023

Why video is a valuable marketing tool

Video has become as important as a stone tool in the stone age or the printing press in the last millennium. It is pushing the boundaries in advertising, social media and marketing. With most of the world predominantly now online, video content is estimated to account for 82% of global internet traffic with over 3bn users watching, streaming and downloading videos. 

The audience for video is there and, as a marketing tool, it is affordable and accessible. Here’s how video can add value to your marketing strategy… 


Peacocking – if it works for nature, it can work for videos. Video is more engaging than a huge block of text. It can captivate and keep your audience’s attention, while being visually appealing, dynamic and informative. 


They say a picture says a thousand words. Well, a video tells the whole story. Through visuals, music and narration, you can successfully convey the story you want to tell. This helps build an emotional connection with your audience and build a deeper connection between your audience and brand.  


Show, don’t tell is a phrase that is common in the marketing industry. With video, you can demonstrate how your business’ products and services work, showcasing features, benefits and real-world applications to help potential customers understand their value. 


Early YouTube, extinct Vine and now TikTok thrive on their users sharing content. Videos can be optimised for different platforms and devices. These sites have simple upload and sharing features to make it easier to reach a wider audience. 


Search engines often prioritise video content in results, making it more likely that your content will be discovered online. For example, when you google a question, more often than not a video will appear near the top with the exact section needed to answer your question selected. This can improve your website’s visibility and drive organic traffic. 


Video allows you to put a face to your brand. Audiences tend to trust companies more when they can see the people behind it. Videos like behind the scenes, testimonials and interviews help strengthen this relationship. 


Video can be tailored to specific audience segments, allowing for a more personalised marketing approach. This customisation enables content to resonate more with its target audience and drive better results and conversions. 

Measurable results 

Most video sharing platforms provide analytics tools so you can track the performance of the videos you produce. These measure views, engagement, click-through rates and more, helping you refine your marketing strategy by clearly seeing which content your audience is responding positively to. 


As video marketing becomes increasingly popular, having a strong video presence can give you a competitive advantage in your industry. Video as a medium is versatile and engaging, making it a must have tool in the marketing strategy toolbelt. 

Could video become part of your marketing plans? Get in touch with our team today to find out how video can boost your business. 


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