How and why to verify your Twitter account

25Jul, 2016

Finally, you can now request your Twitter account to be verified by Twitter and earn yourself the elusive blue tick.

The ‘blue tick’ was introduced back in 2009 and has since been associated with the ‘Twitterati’, celebs and other high-profile politicians or business people. However the once invite-only club has opened up, and now anyone can apply for their account to be verified.

(Of course, some rules apply and Twitter has published guidelines on its verification process here.)


Here are a few reasons for starters:

  • It will add authenticity to your brand or organisation (people too!)
  • Verified accounts often have features not available to all users, including advanced filtering of @mentions
  • Eventually, if you haven’t verified your account and others have, you’ll be the odd one out


  1. Before you verify your account, ensure your profile is up to date – add and verify your telephone number and email address, and add your D.O.B (if you’re applying as an individual)
  2. Start your request to verify your Twitter account here
  3. Include a minimum of two links to websites that can help verify who you are / or the organisation or brand
  4. Tell Twitter why your account should be verified (500 character limit)

If you need to supply any additional information, Twitter will be in touch.

Likewise, if your request is declined, you can re-apply again in 30 days.

Additional tips for verification

Although these tips for verification are unconfirmed, they certainly can’t hurt:

  • If you’re applying for verification of a brand, use a company email address and telephone number
  • Choose a username and display that closely resembles your registered business name
  • Reference any accreditations in your bio or anything that may help Twitter link your account to one of the sources you provide
  • If you’ve been in the news, include a link to a press release or article – won’t hurt
  • If your professional accreditation or membership is listed somewhere online, provide a link
  • Use Twitter Ads and add your billing details

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