Why should your business be blogging?

04Jul, 2016

We’re living in the blogging age. In 2013 there were an estimated 152 million blogs on the internet and with the rise of Tumblr and the continued success of WordPress, there are probably even more on the web today!

With better website and blogging platforms, greater internet access and improved advertising options, blogging has become accessible to everyone. So, why is blogging such a big part of a business’ content marketing strategy?

It’s an important driver on social media

Most businesses use social media as part of their content marketing strategy and a blog is a wonderful way for a business to drive traffic to its website. A general rule of thumb for your social media account is that the content should be 80% personal and 20% sales, so a blog definitely helps you keep your content varied and personal.

A blog shows a little more of your brand personality

Not only does a blog help you share more varied content on social media but it actually shows your followers a little more behind your business. A blog can be anything you want it to be; a visual infographic, a product review, a day in the life of one of your employees, a thought piece for your industry, or anything else you can think of.

Whatever you blog about though, don’t use it as a sales tool. Your services and products pages do that on the website, instead you should share something people want to see or read and it should encourage conversation. Keep your audience in mind, what would they find interesting or useful?

It supports customer research

81% of consumers conduct online research before they buy, and as the Consumer Barometer graph shows below, your website is an important source of information.

People don’t just look at product and service pages, they look all over your site and that includes your blog!

Be seen as a thought leader

If your business sells a service your blog needs to show readers that you’re a thought leader. With the marketing team at Effective, content marketing is a big topic and straight off the top of our heads the two big influencer’s on the subject are Hubspot and Copyblogger. Why? Because both of them constantly provide case studies on the industry, create whitepapers, share hints and tips, and they do it brilliantly. Their blogs are brilliantly written, eye-catching, and always offer you something useful.

With your blog, you should strive for the same!

It’s important for SEO

Lastly, blogging is great for SEO. You know the graph from Google’s Consumer Barometer above? Take a look at the percentage of people who use search engines to do research behind a brand. They’ll use all sorts of searches to find your business and if you’ve got a good idea of those keywords, you can put them in your blog to make your website more visible.

SEO is far too complicated to explain in a few paragraphs but adding keywords around your business in your blog posts makes your web pages more relevant in search results, and if you’ve got a well-optimised website and good domain authority a blog can be a huge source of traffic for you. With an added email sign-up form too you can generate genuine leads for future sales activity, and that’s why a blog is a fantastic tool to add to your content marketing strategy.

Closing thoughts

One thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t blog for the sake of it. If you haven’t got the time or have nothing interesting to say then blogging could be a big waste of time, and you might want to invest your efforts elsewhere. Still, if you do have the time to blog for your business, do it because the results could be well worth it in the long-run.

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