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Listening and Monitoring Software

To position, promote and protect our clients, we are always listening and monitoring. We don’t rely on search engine alerts to deliver us stories. Instead, we invest in high-tech listening and monitoring software. This allows us to monitor and listen into the media and social media with filters that are specifically relevant to our client’s individual needs.

The technology provides us with invaluable information that has helped inform and shape clients’ activities.

To help clients stay ahead of the trend, we run monthly subscriptions to monitor mentions, data and trends in key areas such as competitor’s activity or market news.

We also offer a bespoke service where we can specifically monitor the news in-line with:

  • Potential acquisitions
  • Sectors
  • Products or services
  • People

Listen up – we listen to your objectives and then identify a package that is suitable for your requirements and in-line with your budget. We provide both one-off and on-going monitoring and listening services.