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Social Media

Social Media Strategy

Behind every post is a meaningful social media strategy. 

We can advise whether or not you need a customer service or brand awareness strategy for social media. 

We work with you to determine the best platforms to be on depending on the demographic of your audience, along with what to post and how often. 

Social media monitoring

Effective’s social media monitoring service goes beyond direct mentions, we extend our searches to conversations taking place around the web that you might not even be aware of. We can notify you whenever someone is speaking about your organisation and identify hot topics to join. 

Social Advertising

A cost-effective solution for reaching targeted audiences. Whether you are small business looking to create a conversation your business or a larger organisation wanting to change the perception, social media advertising can increase the visibility of your dynamic posts and brand among the audiences that matter to you. 

We are expert providers of LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook advertising.  

Social media training

We offer a range of training courses, delivered through workshops, 1.1 training or webinars, through our Academy. Our current social media courses, tailored to your organisation’s objectives, include: 

  • Facebook for business 
  • Instagram for business 
  • Twitter for business 
  • LinkedIn (profile building) 
  • LinkedIn (company pages)