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Digital Marketing, Networking, News & Trends, Public Relations, Reputation Management, Social Media - 2 May 2023

Seven ways South West businesses can raise their profile

Have you heard? Effective has officially launched in the South West – and here are seven things we think businesses in the region can be doing to raise their profile. Spoiler alert: it all boils down to a good PR and marketing plan!

1. The customer

No matter how long you’ve been in business, there’s always an opportunity to raise your profile. But to do this, you must know your customer. Who are they? And why do they want what you are offering? Try creating a buyer persona to visualise your customer’s needs and wants.

2. Competition

Whether you operate in small, niche market or a busy, fast-paced sector, it’s important to keep your competitors in mind. What are they doing? Are new entrants emerging? If not, why not? Staying ahead of rivals in terms of quality and pricing strategies can help you keep a good share of the market, and even deter new entrants.

3. Differentiate

Similarly, it’s important to be different. What is your USP? What can you offer customers that other businesses do not? To raise your profile, the business must stand out. This means bringing something unique that the market hasn’t seen before.

4. Brand image

The portrayal of your business plays an important role in consumer perceptions. A dull logo, lazy social media posts or a negative story in the press can lose the trust of potential customers. Everyone wants a business they can believe in – a poor brand image doesn’t achieve this.

5. Social media

Now more than ever, consumers want to learn about new offerings on social media. So, why not meet them where they already are? In today’s society, businesses shouldn’t ignore the role of online networking to raise their profile. One viral post is sometimes all it takes.

6. Consistency

In all business activities, consistency is key. Spamming potential customers one week and ignoring them the next will spark confusion and come across as erratic. Maintaining regular communication and staying on top of things is key to raising a positive, dependable profile.

7. Face-to-face networking

Online networking has grown in popularity in recent years, but we don’t think you can beat a good ‘old-fashioned’ face-to-face chinwag over a bacon butty and a name badge. Getting out and about is key to building a personal rapport with new contacts and shouting about how amazing your company is.


See how Effective can help your business, wherever you are based. 

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