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News & Trends, Public Relations, Reputation Management - 1 November 2023

A closer look at your communications: why proofreading is so important

In the fast-paced world of business, attention to detail can make all the difference.  

Whether a business prides itself on its online presence including social media posts, website copy and email newsletters or prefers to communicate its news, services and values through printable means such as press releases, reports, leaflets and brochures, proofreading content before it is published is a must. 

What does a proofreader do? 

A proofreader will review content, find any errors and correct them so that the content is accurate. This can include checking for spelling and basic grammar mistakes, as well as ensuring that the content follows the business’ style guide or brief. 

Some proofreaders are also copy editors. This means that they not only proofread content but can also make stylistic changes, revisions and suggest further improvements. There are three levels of editing: light (technical), medium (structural) and heavy (substantive). 

Why should content be proofread? 

  • Accuracy – Whether it’s a typo, word omission or inconsistencies running throughout your copy, proofreading can help you spot these errors and correct them so that your content is accurate and coherent. With these mistakes removed or corrected, your business can be confident that your communications are clear and that your audience can understand and focus on the messaging of your content. 
  • Reputation protection – Proofreading can help prevent misunderstandings or misinterpretations, minimising the risk of legal issues such as copyright infringement, defamation, libel and data protection issues. Failing to check content can be costly and could have a significant impact on your business’ reputation. 
  • Professionalism – Error free content showcases your business’ professionalism, leaving a positive impression on clients and stakeholders. For customers, it can build trust as if you are showing this much care to your communications, it’s likely this approach to quality also applies to your services and products. For businesses, regularly proofreading content cultivates a culture of precision and attention to detail, leading to improved efficiency and productivity. 
  • Good for SEO – Businesses who wish to rank highly in search engine results will often use specific keywords and phrases to optimise their webpages and blog content, with the end goal being to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to their site. Eliminating any errors in your business’ online copy is incredibly important as search engines like Google and Bing have stated that they are more likely to approve and show easy to read, high quality and error free content to their audiences. 


We have a certified proofreader and editor in our team at Effective. Get in touch to find out how proofreading can enhance your communications. 


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