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Digital Marketing, News & Trends, Public Relations - 1 June 2023

How to amplify your good news

Whether it’s an award win, a new contract or a bumper sales year, when good things happen to your business you should be shouting about it.

Stakeholders, existing customers and potential clients will want to hear your news, and there are many ways to reach out and inform your target audience. From the traditional press release which lets you include the finer details and share with relevant media, to engaging video content allowing your personality and creativity to shine through. Who you want to target and the news you have to share will determine which channels would be best for you, but here are our top ways to amplify your stories:

  • Press release – A formal statement outlining key business updates sent to relevant outlets to gain media coverage. A release is one of the most trusted and credible forms of communication whilst remaining cost-effective compared to other methods of marketing. A well-written, interesting press release has the capacity to reach far and wide across many mediums.


  • Social media – Investing time in building and maintaining an engaging social media presence is crucial when it comes to marketing and customer service. These personalised platforms enable businesses to communicate with their target audience, and, best of all, they want to listen! Paid for posts are an added avenue allowing you to reach a wider audience. Another perk of social media is it allows for two-way communication; you can speak to your followers, and they can respond.


  • Video – For time-sensitive spectators, a video is the optimal option for capturing someone’s attention and getting your news across in a succinct, efficient way. It’s also a more engaging tool that can stand out in a content heavy world where people are constantly being bombarded with commercial messages. Adding subtitles will increase your potential audience for those who prefer to scroll without sound and makes your video more accessible for those with hearing loss.


  • Newsletter – Whether you send customers regular newsletters keeping them up-to-date with all activity, or distribute them sparingly when you have specific news to share, they are an effective way to stay front-of-mind and remind people of your services. You can also include captivating sector-focused articles that, while not about you, will be of interest to your subscribers. Don’t forget to make it look good! Well-designed marketing literature that stands out will be far more likely to be read.


  • Website / SEO – A well-designed company website is the ultimate space to show the world what you do and how you can support others. It is a 24/7 personal platform to showcase core services, outcomes, blogs, contact details and…company news. A website also allows for social media integration and data analysis of visitors.


  • Blog – You are an expert at what you do and have passion and pride in your work. A blog provides a podium for you to share your knowledge, thoughts and advice on your specialist subject and become an authority in your field. With your well written words, you can build your own community of engaged enthusiasts and use this channel to not only keep people updated on your latest news, but also promote your brand and generate leads. Blogs are a great way of regularly adding fresh, optimised content to your website which will boost web traffic and help to improve search engine rankings.

To recap, when you have news to share, shout about it; post, film, send, upload and blog. The more apt channels you can use, the more augmented your message and ultimately, the more people you will reach.

If you need a little help spreading the word, Effective Communication is here to guide you all the way. From recommending the best channels for you to writing copy and getting the news out there, contact the team today.

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