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Networking - 7 May 2019

Networking – an ace up your sleeve

With its own series of networking events, Effective Networking, and partner of Cardiff Breakfast Club, one of the leading business networking events, Effective Communication’s Senior Account Manager Ffion Pocock highlights six ways in which networking can be beneficial to you.

Meet potential new business

Although new business won’t be guaranteed, you never know where your network can take you. Networking allows you to meet people both within as well as outside your sector. Through relationship-building you can connect with people, who might just become future clients, or at the very least, trusted business connections.

Collaboration over competition

We often tend to focus so much on competing with one another that we forget to collaborate. Through networking you can support other people within your sector and develop better business relationships that are of advantage to all.

Diversify and expand your connections

Meet new people who don’t work within your sector, but who may face similar challenges. Networking is an ideal opportunity to share opinions, exchange ideas and get a fresh mindset.

Find support

You’d be surprised to see how many people face similar challenges in the workplace. A networking event gives you the opportunity to talk about these challenges and issues. Sharing your thoughts can help you get a better perspective and even find possible solutions.

Stay up-to-date

Networking is an ideal way to keep up with the latest business trends. They offer learning opportunities while in a casual environment. The information you gather at these events can be useful for future campaigns or conferences. They also help you become more aware of what’s happening within your industry.

Make a name for yourself

Many people assume networking should be a priority for job applicants. However, networking is still necessary once you’re in employment. It gives you the opportunity to take initiative and become a familiar face within your sector.
In doing so, you can establish contacts for your business, which will hopefully lead to creating new opportunities.

For more information on Effective Networking and Cardiff Breakfast Club, contact LWilliams@effcom.co.uk

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