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News & Trends, Public Relations - 3 July 2024

PR in 2024: what trends have we seen and what can we expect?

The PR industry has undergone significant changes over the last few years, but the world of communications and public relations remains as compelling as ever.

We take a look back and recount some of the most prominent PR trends we’ve seen in 2024 so far and look ahead to what we can expect for the rest of the year.



One of the most significant trends we have witnessed has been the impressive rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which shows no signs of slowing down – not only in the PR world but in most industries around the world.

For PR, AI is ubiquitous. From simple predictive text suggestions when drafting content to ChatGPT, website chatbots, and integrated tools into many comms platforms, it is everywhere!

AI can be a great place to start when it comes to research and as a springboard for content creation ideas by stimulating creativity, though the human touch is still very much needed for the actual drafting, shaping and proofreading of press releases, blogs, website content and more. Similarly for design and video, AI can save time and improve efficiency when editing content, but it is building upon what creatives have already produced.

Going forward, there’s no getting away from AI so it is important that PR professionals integrate it successfully where appropriate and find a balance between using helpful tools and implementing their own expertise and experience.



Authenticity has always been key in PR, and we don’t see this changing. Brands should ensure that they have an authentic voice and a consistency in their messaging to successfully build a connection with their audience.

Audiences are becoming more and more critical of information presented to them, after becoming aware of rises in fake news and online misinformation. If your brand slips up, your audience will take notice so it’s important to have PR specialists like Effective on hand to help create a secure and authentic brand presence across all of your communications. This can be achieved by having a clear strategy and brand guidelines to make sure you stay on track and true to your vision!


Data Driven Approach

A study conducted by the Centre for Economics and Business Research shows that 80% of businesses grew their revenue by leveraging real-time data.

Data driven approaches are becoming increasingly common in PR strategies as businesses aim to evaluate deeper insights into their target audience’s needs, behaviours and interests.

Using a data driven approach requires detail and will ensure a more meaningful message is created for brands’ audiences. To make the most of this trend, take time to understand your metrics and identify which of these align with your goals.


Multimedia Content

Multimedia content has been at the heart of many PR strategies for a long time but the importance of using various digital formats alongside traditional communications is increasing.

Implementing your client’s brand into different visual and audio formats can be highly effective and this can include outlets such as podcasts, YouTube videos and more. Placing your client’s brand or service onto the platform that their customer base uses the most can lead to higher engagement.


These are just a few of the PR trends we’ve seen so far in 2024 and we’re looking forward to seeing more new and exciting trends hitting the PR sphere soon! Could you incorporate these trends into your communications plans? Get in touch with our team today to find out how Effective can support your business.

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