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Digital Marketing, News & Trends, Public Relations - 1 August 2023

Videos and press releases go together like bread and butter

Bread and butter, salt and vinegar, fish and chips, Ant and Dec…can video and press releases work as well together as these iconic double acts? The duo may not easily roll off the tongue, but videos and press releases can be a great pairing. 

Using media to grab and maintain attention is now part and parcel of the modern world and teaming it with press releases should be the same. Including a video with your press release can provide several benefits, enhancing your communication efforts and engaging your target audience in a more dynamic and compelling manner. 

So, what are the benefits? 

Visual appeal – Videos capture attention more effectively than text alone. Recent research suggests that 95% of people will remember a message delivered by video, yet only 10% will remember a text-only communication. Providing a visually engaging way to convey your message will leave a lasting impression on your audience and also allows you to express your visual identity through branding, logos and company colours. 

Storytelling – Videos are an excellent medium to tell the story the way you want. From visualising quotes to adding a more personal angle with a case study, storytelling can resonate with your audience and help them better understand and connect with your message. 

Showcasing – If your press release is about a new product, service or feature that your business offers, video can be a powerful tool to showcase its functionality and unique selling point. A well-executed demonstration or showcase can provide a clearer understanding of what your business is offering and increase the interest amongst your audience or industry. 

Increased engagement – Videos tend to generate higher levels of user engagement, encouraging viewers to spend more time on your press release and increasing the chances of them absorbing your key messages. 

SEO and social media reach – Whether your press release is being used on an online news platform by a journalist or shared on your business’ own website, inclusion of a video could boost your SEO efforts. By including relevant keywords and descriptions, video can help improve a website’s visibility in search engine results and drive organic traffic to the press release and website.  A broader audience can also be reached by social media, amplifying the visibility of your message. 

The benefits of this dynamic duo are clear to see for both journalists and businesses but what is the best way to approach video for press releases and what types of videos should you use? 

Announcement – What better to accompany a press release than a short video announcing, introducing and providing key details on new appointments, acquisitions, products or services. 

Explainer – These concise videos explain complex concepts, processes or features in a simple and visually appealing manner. 

Testimonials and case studies – These videos present real world examples of your business’ services and support in action, allowing clients and customers to add to your messaging and explain why they are satisfied with what you provide. 

Interviews and Q&As – Perfect to accompany thought leadership releases, industry experts and company representatives can discuss relevant trends, provide unique insights and answer commonly asked questions. 

You should always take time to consider which video approach suits how you want to tell your story to your audience and how it will enhance the content of your press release. 

Videos and press releases go together like bread and butter. It’s a symbiotic partnership that should be encouraged and utilised in the current media landscape, complementing and enhancing your communication objectives. 

If you feel your business could embrace and benefit from pairing videos and press releases, get in touch with our team today. 


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