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Public Relations

Quantum – A pensions company you can trust

The challenge:

Quantum Advisory is an independent financial services consultancy that provides solution-based pension and employee benefit services to employers, scheme trustees and members of corporate pension arrangements.

Effective is charged with raising awareness of Quantum, a relatively small company compared to its competitors, across South Wales and the South West, primarily to a business audience but also to the general public who may know little about the pension industry.

The campaign:

Quantum provides a quality pension advice service for companies of all sizes in the south west and south Wales as well as scheme trustees and is committing to making pensions understandable to all.

Effective is helping Quantum explain the latest goings on in a somewhat confusing industry and secure a position as the go-to experts for the media.

This ongoing campaign includes regular industry opinion articles which Effective ghost writes, reaction pieces to pension-related stories in the news, business announcements, updates on charity work and pre and post promotion for Quantum’s regular business seminars.

Effective also compiles and distributes a regular e-newsletter on behalf of the company, generates content for Quantum’s social media platforms and has recently been engaged to create video content for its corporate events.


The outcome:

We regularly secure coverage in key regional media in the south west of England and south east Wales and trade press including Pensions Age, Actuarial Post and Engaged Investor. We have secured several exclusive articles with FT Adviser and frequently provide comment for the Express and Mail online. Effective has also been instrumental in setting up responsive broadcast interviews on regional TV, radio and BBC News online.


pieces of broadcast, online and print coverage

8 million