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Public Relations

Veezu – Free Taxis for Vaccinations

The challenge:

Promoting the use of taxis and private hire vehicles with a ‘stay at home’ message in place.


The Veezu Group is the UK’s largest taxi and private hire vehicle operator with 20 hubs across the country. Our original brief to support them with a comprehensive acquisitions calendar evolved when faced with a global pandemic.

Working on a rolling brief, we needed to adapt in line with the business’ own adjustments and create a multi-pronged strategy to tackle a fall in sales/fares, caused by the decimation of the hospitality sector, positioning Veezu as a safe, viable business to travel and trade with.

The campaign:

Adopting a multi-pronged approach, we rolled out announcements of Veezu’s Covid response efforts in implementing addition safety measures in regional and hyperlocal publications whilst publicising discounts in hubs for NHS staff and key workers nationally. We also facilitated corporate partnerships by linking hubs to local businesses and issued press releases to our media partners to publicise their efforts, raising Veezu’s profile locally.

We combined this with the promotion of Veezu’s USP: their three-tap app, which positioned the business as appealing to potential acquisitions. We raised their profile simultaneously amongst customers and businesses, ensuring blanket coverage in their key geographical areas.

By securing coverage for each acquisition in local, regional and key trade media outlets, we were able to promote each hub locally whilst continually positioning the over-arching Veezu brand as a thriving, viable proposition. This was also backed up with social media with a minimal promotional spend to efficiently target audiences with measured results.

The outcome:

Veezu and its regional UK hubs made 7 notable acquisitions between July 2019 – May 2021, with Effective placing 39 pieces of coverage that reached over 15.4 million people.

Broadcast, print and online coverage of the campaign appeared in key regional, national and trade outlets, including Insider Media, Yorkshire Evening Post, Professional Driver, South Wales Argus, Swindon Advertiser, Taxi Point and Business Live.